Sunday, April 24, 2005

Doodles Do It

Yesterday saw us on a road trip - I went with sister Jane to Kentucky for a Doodle Date. Jane breeds Labradoodles (that's a cross between Labradors and Poodles, you know), and was going to meet up with a new breeder friend. I'm often the designated driver, as Jane's sense of direction is, well, lousy. I always enjoy these trips because it means we get time together.

So Holly the Doodle was scheduled for a date with Joker the poodle. It wasn't just a matter of driving the two to a movie, though. See, since Holly is a 64-pounder, and Joker tips the scales at 12 pounds they needed some assistance. I won't go into details, but let's just say I'm now scarred for life. I knew there was a reason I didn't want to be a dog breeder.

We've another road trip today; this time'll be quicker since we know just where we're going. Did you know Kentucky is a simply gorgeous state?

I got exactly nothing done with glass yesterday, and knit about four rounds on the Lakeview sock. I'm going to settle in with my needles and wool for a bit this morning before Jane and Teri's Big Adventure, Part II.

Saturday, April 23, 2005


Wheeeeeee ! Chuck the mailman brought (count 'em) not one, two or three..... but nine sets of 5" dpns.

Ordered from late Monday night, arrived in the post on Thursday. Now that's service! I used the US3s to finish the second Esprit Sock-It-to-Me sock Friday afternoon, then picked up the second Lorna's Laces Lakeview. I love the feel of the needles, but do have one complaint. The points are a touch rough. Easily repaired with an emory board, though. I paid a total of $57.00 (including shipping) for nine sets of 5 each, made of wood.

I finally shipped off the Spumoni Socks - the (very) belated thank you to a glass friend. I made a pretty nifty label in Paint Shop Pro. I cropped a section of the knitted fabric, stretched it out into a long skinny rectangle, gave it a brushtroke effect, then printed the info on top of it all. See?

The weather took a turn for the nasty; it's raining and cold out there. I caved in and re-lit the pilot light on the furnace, so now it's toasty inside. Good knitting time!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Surfers Do It ...

..... Wax their boards, that is. I was merrily knitting along on the K2P2 rib of my newest sock and decided my US1 Brittany Birch needles had too much drag. I dug out some beeswax beads (from my candlemaking days) and waxed each needle, buffing them until they sang.

So many times a digital camera will exaggerate the colors - not this time, though. As seen on my monitor, the colors in this sock are quite accurate. It's Schachenmayr Nomotta Micro Color, in #80 Phoenix colorway. Tell me, does this look like the same yarn? Yeah, that's what I thought, too. I like what I got, just was quite surprised. It's sport weight, 145m per 50g, 100% Acrylic microfiber. It sort of feels rayon-y, a bit heavy and quite silky. It tends to split, but otherwise makes for pleasant knitting. I'll reserve final judgement until I've worn and washed these a few times.

I'm so easily amused. Yesterday evening I was enjoying the sounds of spring, including the noise of a tractor traversing back and forth in the field that adjoins my back yard. I happened to look up and saw that the young farmer had a companion, a lovely young woman, squeezed into the seat beside him. Nothing like date night on the farm!

Friday, April 15, 2005

Spumoni Socks - Tasty! Posted by Hello

Pancakes, Anyone?

Had my mammogram this morning. whee. Apparently the first set of film wasn't good enough, so I got to undergo the masher a second time - then the processor ate the film and I had to go a third time! Huh. I shouldn't have to go again for three years. No, seriously, I'll go yearly ... it's important.

Finished the Spumoni socks, now I just need to wash them and pack 'em off to Kentucky. I'm beyond embarrassed by now. They are a thank-you gift for a fellow lampworker who sent me some purple glass last year when I was desperate. The silver lining is that she surely will be surprised! Knit from Plymouth Sockotta (color 30) with US1 dpns. This was my first pair using Sockotta; I got it off the clearance rack at Stitches and Scones. I will knit one more pair with the other ball I picked up the same day, then I think I'll steer clear. I'm not overly fond of the texture.

Chuck the mailman brought me a beginner's spinning kit today. It includes a spindle, two booklets, and 6 oz of wool. I've read through the books, and spent about 35 seconds trying to spin. Stupid spindle, I think they sent me a defective one!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Mount Kitchener

Yesterday I reached a milestone - one of the biggies in the life of a sock knitter. As soon as I stitched the last stitch of the toe of the first Spumoni sock, I chopped off the appropriate length of yarn, reached into the drawer for the tapestry needle, threaded it on, and proceded to graft the toe. You see, I have bookmarked a picture tutorial for the Kitchener process, and up to now have always opened the page to follow along. Ha! didn't need to this time..... double ha!! didn't need to in order to finish the heel, either. yay me.

Almost as noteworthy is the fact that I had cast on for the second sock within 10 minutes of weaving in the ends of sock one. These are a gift for a fellow lampworker who was a lifesaver when I needed a particular color. The bad news is that that was over a year ago -- I'm seriously behind in my thank-yous...

Monday, April 04, 2005

Singles Bar

I'm kind of embarrassed to admit just how many single socks I've knit over the past few months. Actually, I started January by declaring that my socks didn't need to match... but my Virgo-ness crept up on me, and now I'm frantically pairing up socks with balls of matching wool. All the while dying to dig into my stash.

My most recently completed sock was knit from Lorna's Laces #304, Lakeview. It was the second of a pair, except I didn't like the first one, so I frogged it and now the second is the first and the first will become the third. Still with me? This was my first time knitting with LL wool, and I must say, it feels decadent. Guess that makes it a little easier to swallow knitting three to get two.

The colorway inspired several bead sets; two have already been sold on eBay. Here's the third.

I hear my torch calling.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Chiming In

Adding my voice to the chorus. I'll be documenting my passion for melting glass and knitting. And probably showing too many pictures of my cat, Zach. Let the games begin!