Friday, August 25, 2006

World-Class Contender

I'm pretty sure that I've managed, quite by accident, to create the world's ugliest hand-dyed sock yarn. I set out to dye this skein of Kona 2-ply Fingering Superwash pink with just a touch of brown. Okay, back up a little here..... last spring I participated in a cooperative buy for acid dyes from Dharma. There were many color choices, but budget constraints dictated I not choose one of everything. I specifically decided not to buy any brown dye. In fact, I remember thinking, "Well, that's just plain silly, buying brown dye. Anybody can mix up their own. It's a piece of cake. All I need to do is just mix complementary colors and I'll get brown." Heh. Pride goeth before a fall, eh?

Fast forward to August... I used my $50 gift certificate from Wool2Dye4 (Thanks again, Sheila!) to get two 1-pound cones of Kona 2-ply plus an eight-ounce hank of Kona DK. Except for a slight blue fingernails incident, I was fresh off the success of dyeing my KSKS pal's yarn (hi Dave!). I used the kettle-dye/ sprinkle dye/overdye method (patent pending) and came up with some pretty nifty wool, if I do say so myself. But enough of that - anybody can dye gorgeous yarn. This story's about the antithesis to gorgeous.

I started with an overall dye of pink of fairly light intensity. Next step was to blend turquoise and yellow (no green, see above) and dunk part of the pink skein into the pot. I checked on it after about ten minutes and started having some doubts about my master plan... it wasn't looking so good. An hour or so later when the dye was exhausted, I was sure of it. I was heading down the ugly highway.

Next I decided it needed to be pinker, so back into the pot with the whole skein along with a lot more pink dye. Wow - it's not getting any better. In fact, we're getting pretty close to hideous by now. What else could I do but add more dye to the pot? In went some turquoise and yellow and a pinch of black for good measure. I may have used more colors; I'm rather vague on the details by this time.

I really am an optimist. When the dye exhausted (again), I remember thinking, "Oh, it'll get better once it's dried. Surely it will. Won't it?" Clearly I was delusional. Are you ready for it? Can your stomach handle it? I had to take multiple shots, since none of these come near showing the true hideousness. If you think it looks pretty, then rest assured that's an accident of the light. Fair warning.....

My apologies to sheep everywhere.



At 7:11 AM, Blogger Dave said...

It doesn't look that bad, accidental lighting notwithstanding. Try knitting it up -- it might surprise you! If not, maybe some yellow on top would give it a nice "fall" feeling? (from a non-dyer type person ... take all advice with a humungous grain of salt LOL)

Thanks again for an absolutely wonderful kit!

At 8:21 AM, Blogger Leanne said...

I agree with Dave - it looks okay to me, but I'll have to trust your judgement on this one!

I was just over on Dave's blog and I saw the kit you sent him. All I can say is Wowee! You are one talented lady!! Everything is gorgeous.

At 12:24 AM, Blogger Twinsanity said...

Wow. Just, well, wow.

Maybe you could call it Salmon in Tea? My monitor may be off though.

At 7:53 AM, Anonymous Sarah said...

I like it.
Your KSK was great by the way!

At 2:48 AM, Blogger BLACK DOG KNITS said...

Uuummm Teri, I like it! I came over from Dave's blog to see the talented kit maker. The bag is awesome.


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