Saturday, April 23, 2005


Wheeeeeee ! Chuck the mailman brought (count 'em) not one, two or three..... but nine sets of 5" dpns.

Ordered from late Monday night, arrived in the post on Thursday. Now that's service! I used the US3s to finish the second Esprit Sock-It-to-Me sock Friday afternoon, then picked up the second Lorna's Laces Lakeview. I love the feel of the needles, but do have one complaint. The points are a touch rough. Easily repaired with an emory board, though. I paid a total of $57.00 (including shipping) for nine sets of 5 each, made of wood.

I finally shipped off the Spumoni Socks - the (very) belated thank you to a glass friend. I made a pretty nifty label in Paint Shop Pro. I cropped a section of the knitted fabric, stretched it out into a long skinny rectangle, gave it a brushtroke effect, then printed the info on top of it all. See?

The weather took a turn for the nasty; it's raining and cold out there. I caved in and re-lit the pilot light on the furnace, so now it's toasty inside. Good knitting time!



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