Thursday, April 07, 2005

Mount Kitchener

Yesterday I reached a milestone - one of the biggies in the life of a sock knitter. As soon as I stitched the last stitch of the toe of the first Spumoni sock, I chopped off the appropriate length of yarn, reached into the drawer for the tapestry needle, threaded it on, and proceded to graft the toe. You see, I have bookmarked a picture tutorial for the Kitchener process, and up to now have always opened the page to follow along. Ha! didn't need to this time..... double ha!! didn't need to in order to finish the heel, either. yay me.

Almost as noteworthy is the fact that I had cast on for the second sock within 10 minutes of weaving in the ends of sock one. These are a gift for a fellow lampworker who was a lifesaver when I needed a particular color. The bad news is that that was over a year ago -- I'm seriously behind in my thank-yous...



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