Sunday, January 22, 2006

What the... ?

In my invalid state I have little energy, and am boring myself silly trying to rest. Looking for simple tasks for a little diversion, I cleaned out my purse.

In addition to the regular purse clutter, I found a stale* Vanilla Wafer and a piece of kitty kibble. Now I have enough to keep me entertained for hours, contemplating how the kibble got there.

*I'm assuming it was stale - I surely didn't eat it.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

No Spam for You!

Please excuse the Seinfeld Soup Nazi rip-off.

Check out what this woman does ... very very cool!

I made a most excellent set of beads this week, but have been foiled in my attempt to post a picture here. Not for the first time, either. I get an itty-bitty picture in a weird sort of static-looking canvas.

So anyway, last week I made letter tile beads for Jill, spelling her name. We had so much fun playing with them that I started thinking about doing the entire alphabet. Then on the 4th, I noticed Google's celebration of Louis Braille's birthday, and got a brainstorm. (and believe me, it was painful) Took several sessions at the torch, and more than one letter tile had to be re-done, but finally completed the Rainbow Braille tiles. Already have plans for the next set in the works.

Knitting, not so much. First sock of the new year doesn't even rate a picture. I finally decided to knit a toe-up sock along with the Socknitters SAM, using leftovers. Frigging foot was 13 inches long, and even felting didn't rescue it. So I'm going to cut off the cuff and use it as a wristwarmer. Back to cuff-down socks for me...if it ain't broke, etc.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Why Yes, I Do Have a Picture...

I don't have grandchildren yet (and a wait of a few more years is fine with me!), but I DO have grandsocks. I'm ever and ever so proud - check out Kelly's Fuzzy Feet.

Last winter Kelly was an avid scarf-knitter; made some awesome scarves. This year she branched out into hats and purses, and Fuzzy Feet! Over the Thanksgiving weekend at Pokagon, she and I did a lot of sitting and knitting. I was her verbal pattern for the first FF since the pattern printout disappeared the first evening.

Then the next week we spent some time on the phone while Kelly turned the heel of the second FF, then it was off to the races! With her purse-knitting experience, she's become rather good at felting, so that was the easy part here. And look, aren't these marvelous! Awwwww, my very first grandsocks.

I need to print out a picture for my wallet.