Thursday, April 27, 2006

Round Robin

There was a softball-sized (and shaped) robin outside my window this morning... man, that bird was chubby! I've been taking advantage of the splendid weather and sitting in the backyard knitting many evenings recently, and am getting to know a few of my bird-neighbors. Most interesting is a little woodpecker; he's fun to watch.

I dyed one skein of Regia stretch using a mix of Wilton's and Kool-Aid. The orange is the exact shade of Cheetos! Heh, I have Chester Cheeto socks. As always, click to biggify.
This is the second incarnation of my Chester C. anklet. The first had a short-row heel, and was too short. I should have known better, but after all those baby sox with short row heels, I became rather accustomed to them. I love this new heel, though. It's Eye of Partridge, and looks pretty spiffy, doncha think?

Friday, April 21, 2006

Dye Me a River...

First thing: the Baby Socks are this very minute winging their way to the west coast. I shed a tear or two upon seeing them leave the nest. Goodbye, little darlings!

Second thing: I got my package from Wool2Dye4 last week, and what a package it was! Superwash sock yarn (100% merino), 100% Superfine Alpaca Laceweight, Silk and Ivory (a 50/50 blend of silk and merino, sport weight), Toaga (an absolutely delicious blend of 78% mohair, 13% wool and 9% nylon in DK weight), and some Bolero (another mohair/wool/nylon blend boucle). All in natural and waiting to be dyed. Also got a dye kit, with real-live big-girl dye powder.

Third thing: I found Scout's Dye-O-Rama, and signed up right away. Go ahead, check out that list - I'm right near the top!

I'm planning two different ways to dye self-striping/patterning yarn. I want to break out the knitting machine and knit up some blanks, and I plan to come up with a way to use the coat tree as a warp board to wind really really long hanks. Before I can do that, though, I need to wind off smaller amounts from my supersize hanks that Sheila sent. Need something to distract the cat...

Monday, April 17, 2006

102 Dalmations Socks

Welp, it's done! It's rather obvious that I'm no photo stylist, but still, this one ain't half bad. Thanks to Sockbug for layout inspiration.

All the little dears are soaking in the tub right now. No. really. The pile was too large for the sink, so into the tub they went. Ya think I should have lit tiny little candles and filled tiny little flutes of champagne?

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Never Give Up, Never Surrender!*

No Mother, I may be tired, but I ain't giving up. I'm working on sock number two of pair 49. Doesn't look like I'll make the April 15th deadline, but should hit the mark on the 16th. Click here to see them.

Heh... I've become so accustomed to planning ahead with the colors that I've already got up to pair number 54 in my head. I do plan to stop at 51, take a group photo, wash, pair and label the socks, then ship them to PT Yarns. Since the contest deadline is the 30th, I may (or may not) knit more to send separately.

I have a new favorite - do you love these as much as I do? They're knit using Paton's Kroy Sock, leftovers from my Amble socks and Bryony's Cascading Leaves.

*What movie is this from? I know, but do you?

Monday, April 10, 2006

Tired at 44

It's official. I'm tired of knitting baby socks. I wonder if there's some significance in the fact that I discovered that on pair number 44, which just happens to be my age? *sigh* only seven more to go.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Just Call Me Ms. Fix-It and... I Love It When I'm Right

This afternoon when I started the water for my shower, the hot water wasn't. Hot, that is. So I went outside, opened the water heater closet and poked at some things and twisted other things and removed a couple of cover plates and finally found the pilot light. Which wasn't. Lit. So I lit it. Ahhhhh, nothing like a good, hot shower!

The civil defense sirens in our area are set to go off at noon each Saturday. Today, at noon TST (Teri Standard Time) they sounded for one minute. Ha - Daylight Saving Time, put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Just a Little Behind ...

Dangit - I missed my first Blogiversary! Yesterday marked one year since my first post. Lotta socks under the bridge in the last twelve months, including nearly forty pair of baby socks for the Longest Line Contest sponsored by PT Yarns.

These are my favorite pair so far. Knit using leftovers from my Olympic socks (Knitpicks Color Your Own 100% merino wool) over 32 stitches on US size 1.5 bamboo dpns.

My goal is to have at least 51 pair completed by the 15th of April. I'll wash them, take a group picture, then pair and tag them before sending them on their way. The deadline is the 30th, but I want to be sure to get them submitted in time to be counted. I plan to win the first prize of 15 skeins of Opal! It'll be odd knitting full-size socks after that, but hopefully I'll have lovely new yarn for consolation.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

My Declaration of Independence

For the first time in over 30 years, Hoosiers joined most of the rest of the United States this morning in moving clocks one hour ahead in order to observe Daylight Saving Time. Arizona and Hawaii are the only two sane states left, leaving their clocks alone year-round.

I realize that the measurement of time is a purely human invention, so time manipulation isn't against God's law. But dangit, it just ain't natural! I have the clock over there on the right set to Indiana time, and I'm not budging. The rest of the state can go crazy, but as for me, I'm sticking. So there.