Friday, April 15, 2005

Pancakes, Anyone?

Had my mammogram this morning. whee. Apparently the first set of film wasn't good enough, so I got to undergo the masher a second time - then the processor ate the film and I had to go a third time! Huh. I shouldn't have to go again for three years. No, seriously, I'll go yearly ... it's important.

Finished the Spumoni socks, now I just need to wash them and pack 'em off to Kentucky. I'm beyond embarrassed by now. They are a thank-you gift for a fellow lampworker who sent me some purple glass last year when I was desperate. The silver lining is that she surely will be surprised! Knit from Plymouth Sockotta (color 30) with US1 dpns. This was my first pair using Sockotta; I got it off the clearance rack at Stitches and Scones. I will knit one more pair with the other ball I picked up the same day, then I think I'll steer clear. I'm not overly fond of the texture.

Chuck the mailman brought me a beginner's spinning kit today. It includes a spindle, two booklets, and 6 oz of wool. I've read through the books, and spent about 35 seconds trying to spin. Stupid spindle, I think they sent me a defective one!



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