Friday, December 30, 2005

(Not Exactly) Breaking News...

Sock knitting is continuing on unabated here; socktivity has been particularly heavy this week. I completed Isaac's socks on Christmas Eve. Knit of Paton's Kroy in Shaded Spruce, 10x2 rib over 72 sts on US2 dpns.

Next I whipped up a pair for me using Briggs & Little Durasport, purple overdyed with Kool-Aid. They're in the hamper, so pictures have to wait.

I'm very excited about the current socks ip.... Using Regia 6-ply Crazy Colors and the August 31st stitch pattern from the 365 Knitting Stitches a Year Perpetual Calender, I've designed my birthday sock. First one completed and second just a few inches into the cuff. I'm using US2 dpns, and the fabric is rather firm. Probably should have gone with US3s, but I can live with them this way. Back to the needles!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

From the Swiss Cheese Palace...

Merry Christmas!

Breakfast for Zach: a whole can of tuna.

Breakfast for me: peanut butter cookies. yumm!

Knitting Activity: a sock for me. First of a pair, 'cuz it's not like I already have a dozen or so single socks waiting for mates. I completed my Christmas knitting yesterday afternoon, so treated myself to a new project. Pics later, after the gifts have been opened (since I forgot to take pics before wrapping).

I've been perusing patterns for knitted kitties... I have an order from Brother Tim's grandaughter for a red cat with an orange tail and a blue ribbon around its neck and one green eye and one blue eye. I like the Knitty pattern, but it's a little larger than I wanted to make. Also found this one that's pretty nifty.

Then, while on my search for the perfect kitty pattern, I discovered these charts. Seems pretty obvious these are absolute must-knits in the near future, don'cha think?

Sunday, December 11, 2005

What Not To Do

If you eat beans (and some cornbread and a couple of tortillas) for three days straight, don't fall asleep with your head under the covers. Even if it's only 52 degrees in your house. I'm just saying.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Knitting, with Beans

People are so weird. You'd think we live out back of beyond. There's a snowstorm just west of here, looming over my house. (and a lot of other houses, too.) I needed to run into town for a loaf of bread and wasn't really too surprised to see the grocery store packed! Carts overflowing, lines snaking around and shelves bare. People! You can go out tomorrow after the snowplows and buy your Lay's and Ruffles. Honestly.

I finally needed to visit the gas station last week. I paid $2.22 per gallon; of course the day before the price had been $1.92. And today it's $2.18. I seem to have the knack of purchasing the most expensive gas possible.

Oh, and the with beans? I got some pintos and already have them soaking. mmmmm, beans and cornbread - perfect storm food!