Sunday, July 31, 2005

Mysterious Knitting

I'm in the process of winding the wool for the Mystery Shawl, knit along due to begin tomorrow. I ordered a half-pound skein of Monty 3/9 Merino from Sheila at Wool 2 Dye 4 on Wednesday, and plucked the package from my mailbox on Friday. In addition to the wool, the package included a sample of Lavender Eucalan and a card with generous samples of the wools offered at Wool2Dye4. $12.00 was all this wondrous bounty cost me!!

The orange dreamsicle deliciousness is a product of about a dozen packages of Kool-Aid Lemonade and a sprinkling of Orange and Tropical Punch. Even after generous rinsing, it smells like a lemon sheep.

Now for the swatch.....

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Teri's Big Adventure

I recently had the pleasure of driving to New Jersey to deliver a couple of puppies. (You remember, sister Jane breeds Labradoodles) Below is a list of unofficial awards for the month of July:

Cheapest gas between home and Weehawken, NJ: Pendleton, IN at $2.17 per gallon.

Most expensive gas blah blah : Somewhere in eastern Pennsylvania along I70 at $2.38

Most expensive instant cappuccino: At a Stuckey's just west of the Ohio border on I70 - I paid a whopping $2.11 for a 16 ounce cup. It was okay. Typically I can get a 24 ounce cup for a little over a buck. I stopped at this Stuckey's out of a sense of loyalty from way back.... my first real job** was at a Stuckey's.

** Okay, my first real job was detasseling corn, but come on now, does that count? It is, after all, more like slave labor. I seem to remember earning $1.14 per hour. And this was mid-seventies!

Weirdest shopping experience: Meijer's in Dayton, Ohio. I stopped there at 11:45 pm on Friday, July 15th. I was amazed at the number of cars in the parking lot - it could have been the middle of the day on a weekend. Nearing the entrance, I was even more surprised at the crowd of people milling around - some even in costume. Jeez, and I thought my life was boring. At least I don't (usually) get my kicks out of hanging around discount superstores at midnight. Perhaps by now Harry Potter fans may realize what I didn't - that the Half-Blood Prince book was released on the 16th. So that's what all the excitement was in Dayton.

Crappiest traffic jam: again near Dayton, took 45 minutes to travel 3 miles because of road construction. And this was midnight Friday!! Maybe it was all the Harry Potter fans...

Worst weather: Once again, Dayton, Ohio. Severe thunderstorm. I think I'm developing a Daytonphobia.

Most difficult to navigate: Hands down, Weehawken, New Jersey. You drive along the NJ Turnpike and take the exit for the Lincoln Tunnel, then drive and drive and drive until you're almost at the tunnel entrance and suddenly there's this horrid mess of streets and hills and weird intersections and you're supposed to be able to make sense of the Mapquest directions and you can't and thank goodness you have a charged cell phone and the people talk you right to their door.

Most misleading state motto: New Jersey. The Garden State? Don't get me wrong, there are areas pleasant to look at..... but get this - at one point I was sure the puppies had simultaneously had severe diarhea. Turns out I was just passing a stinky place.

Friendliest toll booth operator: Southbound NJ Turnpike exit 8.

All in all, it was a good trip.

You want knitting news? You know the deal, here it's pretty much all socks all the time.

Cloverleaf Rib (from the Six Sox KAL) made from Kool-Aid dyed superwash, 60 sts on size 1.

Kool-Aid dyed KnitPicks yarn, spiral rib 60 sts on size 1 dpns.

Elann's Sock-It-To-Me Esprit in white and ummm, I forget the color name. 44 sts on size 3 dpns.

There are more, but I seem to have misplaced the pictures. And speaking of misplaced, I still haven't found that lost ball of Dancing yarn....