Thursday, April 27, 2006

Round Robin

There was a softball-sized (and shaped) robin outside my window this morning... man, that bird was chubby! I've been taking advantage of the splendid weather and sitting in the backyard knitting many evenings recently, and am getting to know a few of my bird-neighbors. Most interesting is a little woodpecker; he's fun to watch.

I dyed one skein of Regia stretch using a mix of Wilton's and Kool-Aid. The orange is the exact shade of Cheetos! Heh, I have Chester Cheeto socks. As always, click to biggify.
This is the second incarnation of my Chester C. anklet. The first had a short-row heel, and was too short. I should have known better, but after all those baby sox with short row heels, I became rather accustomed to them. I love this new heel, though. It's Eye of Partridge, and looks pretty spiffy, doncha think?



At 4:15 AM, Anonymous Dye-O-Rama Spoiler said...

I have your details!


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