Sunday, December 25, 2005

From the Swiss Cheese Palace...

Merry Christmas!

Breakfast for Zach: a whole can of tuna.

Breakfast for me: peanut butter cookies. yumm!

Knitting Activity: a sock for me. First of a pair, 'cuz it's not like I already have a dozen or so single socks waiting for mates. I completed my Christmas knitting yesterday afternoon, so treated myself to a new project. Pics later, after the gifts have been opened (since I forgot to take pics before wrapping).

I've been perusing patterns for knitted kitties... I have an order from Brother Tim's grandaughter for a red cat with an orange tail and a blue ribbon around its neck and one green eye and one blue eye. I like the Knitty pattern, but it's a little larger than I wanted to make. Also found this one that's pretty nifty.

Then, while on my search for the perfect kitty pattern, I discovered these charts. Seems pretty obvious these are absolute must-knits in the near future, don'cha think?



At 2:47 PM, Blogger Dorothy said...

Oh my goodness!!! It's the gift I have to knit for the guy we forgot to get anything for.
A Star Trek pillow! He'll love it.

Hope you had a good Christmas!


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