Thursday, December 08, 2005

Knitting, with Beans

People are so weird. You'd think we live out back of beyond. There's a snowstorm just west of here, looming over my house. (and a lot of other houses, too.) I needed to run into town for a loaf of bread and wasn't really too surprised to see the grocery store packed! Carts overflowing, lines snaking around and shelves bare. People! You can go out tomorrow after the snowplows and buy your Lay's and Ruffles. Honestly.

I finally needed to visit the gas station last week. I paid $2.22 per gallon; of course the day before the price had been $1.92. And today it's $2.18. I seem to have the knack of purchasing the most expensive gas possible.

Oh, and the with beans? I got some pintos and already have them soaking. mmmmm, beans and cornbread - perfect storm food!



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