Thursday, May 12, 2005


I used to think I was cool, not the type to go all giddy just from a little attention from someone famous. Well, I'm here to tell you that I'm not. You know about Wendy and her upcoming contest with L-B, right? A couple of days ago I left a comment asking her if she planned to begin her Inishmore at a minute after midnight on the starting date. Today when I was reading her last two posts, I discovered she answered me in public, in front of God and everybody! And she linked to me!! Am I a doofus for getting happy about that, or what?

I have some Schachenmayr Crazy Cotton (from Elann) that I bought thinking of socks. It's sportweight cotton, and too heavy for socks, though. In considering what else I could knit with it, I remembered coveting the Jamie Blankie by Kay of Mason-Dixon fame. I dug out some natural cotton from my stash, and have started down the path of mitered squareness. I'm already eyeing the colorway, and working out which colors of glass to use for a matching set of beads.

I have a question for all you Grammar Avengers. It has to do with the use of a/an preceding an acronym such as LYS. I never can decide just which way to swing when I'm writing something like that ... the rules tell me to write a LYS because of the "L," but when speaking aloud, I would say "an ell wye ess" - yes? What would you do?



At 5:43 AM, Blogger Dorothy said...

HI Teri!

I like those squares you are knitting. And since I have dishcloths on the brain today (I need some) I'm thinking that's the pattern I'll use to make myself some.

Have a super day!


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