Monday, May 09, 2005

Muse Does Double Duty

My fascination with patterning yarns is spilling over into the glasswork. Check out my latest "matching set."

Pretty nifty, eh? The wool is Lang Yarns Bebe Color 100% superwash wool... snagged from the clearance shelf at Stitches and Scones. I'm using US1.5/2.5mm dpns from The beads are on eBay.

I'm going through a love/hate relationship with these needles. On the plus side, they're made of wood, are 5" long, and come in sets of 5 for a killer price. On the minus, they're, well, not exactly splintering, but they do catch the wool. I've devoted literally hours to sanding and waxing. I got a nice note from customer service when I wrote to them about this offering to replace any of the needles I'm unhappy with. I'm hesitant to part with any of these needles I've worked on so hard as I have a feeling the replacements wouldn't be any better. Ya get what you pay for, right?



At 2:11 PM, Blogger Dorothy said...

You are sooo talented! Those beads are nice!
I say keep the needles now that you've sanded them - no need to risk having to go through all that work again!

At 3:56 PM, Anonymous carlotta said...

just sort of stumbled onto your blog, keep the needles. but next time... I think you do have to pay a little more for the better quality needles... you'll spend more time knitting than fixing your needles!!. Anyway, love your pic of the "matching set" are the beads really matching the yarn? To me it looks like an ad for the yarn/ beads, nice job....colors perfect....


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