Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Things We Do for Love

Sheesh. Remember how much I love driving around Dayton? Saturday I'll be driving Sister Jane and a dog to some itty bitty town southeast of Dayton, so we'll be circumnavigating my favorite city. Go here and click on the 'puppies' link... you'll see Molly a little ways down the page. Isn't she a cutie?

I found a source for 12" bamboo dpns, and spent this afternoon wiring up some stitch markers to match three new pair of needles.

Before I made any of these, I tested the size ones by using them for my current sock. The needles are spiffy, but I gotta tell you, knitting a sock using 12" dpns isn't a walk in the park!

So this sock I'm working on is the new design to take the place of the Surf's Up sock. I guess now that Surf's Up is a washout I can show you my first sample. Isn't that a great stitch pattern? I originally saw it when I was browsing dishcloth patterns. Check out the Lacy Mock Cable - it's on the lefthand side. I wrote to the designer of the pattern who graciously agreed to allow me to use her pattern - nice lady! Maybe I ought to send her an e-mail to let her know I've changed my mind about using the pattern.



At 8:06 AM, Blogger Caroline said...

Love the sock! Is that going to be one of the patterns for the 6-Sock Knitalong? Love Zack too - what a beautiful cat!


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