Monday, August 01, 2005


I am now a confirmed chart follower. Until today, I had little experience knitting by following a chart ... I thought I was a lifelong written-out knitter. I knit the first few rows of the Mystery Shawl, then on to chart #2. After futzing around with the stitch count (this was before the corrections were posted), I started sailing along. The scales have fallen from my eyes.

So here it is, my mystery shawl, first week. Kinda purty, eh? I frogged and started over 3 or 4 times (each time at around row 15, so no big deal really). I'm using some old Boye size 8 plastic needles, but since they're only 10" long, I can see I'll be digging in my needle stash soon for circs. I'll miss the points on these red Boyes; they're lovely and pointy and a little concave.

I'm not as thrilled with my new SixSock. It's knit in gansey-style, again with the chart. I'm hoping it'll grow on me. Pics in a day or two, when I have more to show.



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