Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I Went to a Garden Party ....

Lately my lawnmower's been giving me fits. Yesterday evening my next-door neighbor was in his backyard and must have heard me swearing at cajoling the dratted machine. Good ol' Bobby tinkered with it a little, and soon I was cutting merrily away. He came back over a few minutes later with his weedeater and took care of the jungle weeds at the edge of the yard. Nice fella, eh? Thanks Bobby!

Mystery Shawl is progressing quite nicely. I'm about halfway through Chart 2, with few problems so far. The little bit of tinking I've done was in the same row, so no fits for me today.

Dreamsicle beads are made with coral and pale ivory; they match pretty well, don'tcha think? I'll be listing them tonight on eBay. There is a half-price sale on the Featured Plus upgrade for the next couple of days, so I'd better get torching. It's good to have a set featured, but the $20 fee just about kills me in the summer. Sure will be glad when school is back in session and all you jewelry-makers are shopping online again!



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