Tuesday, November 01, 2005

There Really Oughta Be a Rule.....

... about getting a rebate when gasoline prices drop. Since I work at home, I don't do a whole lot of driving; sometimes I can go a month on a tank of gas. I filled the truck tank two or three weeks ago when gas was around $2.80. Today I saw that Ricker's has regular for $2.29. Somebody owes me about eight bucks.

I had grand plans for today's post, including lots of pictures of recent sock activity. After taking just one picture this morning, though, my camera batteries pooped out. Stinking things are still recharging!

Take another look at the Cherry Tree Hill socks - I'm so bummed! As always, I washed the socks when they were completed... they faded terribly. In fact, the picture doesn't reflect how much more dull the colors are now. You can kind of see it by comparing the ball of wool with the socks. These were supposed to be a gift, but I'm certainly not going to give a fading pair of socks... So I've started another pair. Of course, I can't show you a picture of those yet, so tune in tomorrow!



At 7:30 AM, Anonymous Sarah said...

Oh, that's disappointing about the socks! Especially given the prices Cherry Tree Hill charges. Maybe you should write to them. They still look nifty, though! And I'm very impressed by your beautiful beads. Thanks for stopping by at my blog!


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