Monday, November 14, 2005

Warm Fuzzies

Finished!! Fuzzy Feet knit of Reynolds Lopi-Lite on US10.5 dpns. Took only two trips through the washer to reach this level of delicious fuzziness. Thanks to Laurie/ Crazy Aunt Purl for initiating the knitalong, and to Anmiryan of Gromit Knits for hosting Fuzzy Feet Along! These will come in handy (or should that be footy) this winter here at the Swiss Cheese Palace.

In other felting news, I knit this buttonhole bag the other night after emailing back and forth with my stepsister Kelly. Last winter Kelly learned to knit, and made some absolutely gorgeous scarves. When November rolled around this year, she decided to stretch her wings a little bit, and has been knitting and felting like mad! She inspired me to venture into the world of bag-knitting, and wouldn't ya know, now I'm hooked. Thanks Kelly Sue!

Don't want to forget the beads part, y'all. Shown here is the second SweetTart sock with the beads inspired by the colorway. (As always, click on the pic to biggify it) I used enamels and a method of layering glass colors to match the wool colors... not too shabby, eh?



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