Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Celebration Continues!

Socktoberfest 2005. It's a month-long celebration here at the Swiss Cheese Palace. In addition to completing the Hot Sox, I'm working on the second Regia Jacquard sock, and these delicious Cherry Tree Hill socks. The colorway is Fall Foliage, knit on US2 dpns in a K8P2 rib. I'm knitting them for a glass-friend .... hope she likes 'em! The colors of the yarn are actually a bit more muted than the photograph shows, although the colors in the beads are true.

The beads are made using five different shades of coral glass, plus a little bit of yellow, purple, brown and black. I love this combination, and am heading over to the torch right now to work with them some more. Oh, and you can see the beads on my eBay list - I'll be posting the auction this evening.

Sandy, the Sky Queen, has a mitten knit-along going. I've joined Warm Hands, and plan to get mitten knittin' soon. And just for Sandy, here's today's sky as seen from over my back fence.



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