Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Hard Day at the Office

Whew! I'm tard. Just finished a five (+) hour stint at the torch, and that's after two two-hour sessions earlier today. One reason I wanted to get a lot of melting time in is that the weather forcast calls for warmer weather over the next few days. Sitting near a kiln set at nearly 1000 degrees, and in front of a torch whose flame reaches over 1500 degrees makes for more warmth than I can handle when the temperature goes up.

Been working on some cool bead sets, too. I dusted off my Zoozii triangle press and made some nifty watermelon slices. Those took extra patience, 'cuz I used opaline glass which boils quite easily, so it need to be worked slowly. Also still working on prototype disc beads for a special order, and even playing with some ruffled discs. I should have plenty to list on JustBeads tomorrow!

Good night, Mother.



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